Rates & Reservations

2022 Camping Rates

Full Hook-Up Campsite

1 Night (if available): $50.00
Holiday: Add $20.00
Weekly (required): $300.00
Monthly: $950.00

Extra Adult $12.00 / day $75.00 / week $125.00 / month
Extra Child $6.00 / day $45.00 / week $75.00 / month

A one week minimum stay is required.
Travelers are exempt.
We do not offer tent camping. You must have an RV or camping trailer.
Rates based on 2 adults and 3 children (under the age of 18).
Additional people are welcome to camp in your RV.
Please see “extra adult” and “extra child” fees for the appropriate charges.
One family per campsite.
Married children require their own campsite.
One camping unit (RV) per campsite. A small tent may be set up on your site for children only.
Due to Lei-Ti’s strong emphasis on family camping, large groups of adults will not be permitted.
Children under the age of 2 are free.
All camping fees are due at time of check-in.
All camping registrants and their overnight guests must be over 21
years of age unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
All camping facilities not available during all camping seasons.
Rates are subject to change and may not apply to all situations.

Check-in time is 2:00 PM / Check-out time is 11:00 AM.
Early check-in or late check-out is an additional $5 per hour (based on availability).
Sorry - we cannot guarantee specific sites.

2022 Seasonal Rates

Summer Season (April 29 - October 10)
Full Hook-Up: $2,600
Extra Adult (Max. of 4): $175.00
Extra Child: $100.00

Premium Seasonal Sites available at additional cost.
Winter storage $100.
Maximum of 4 extra adults.

Reservation / Cancellation Policies

Reservations may be made by phone at (585) 343-8600, mail, in person, or by .

We charge a service charge of $45 ($180 for holiday reservations) to process your camping reservation. This is charged to your credit card when you make your reservation. It is not a deposit. It is not refundable. When you arrive as scheduled, we will gladly apply that charge to your camping fee, thereby reducing your total due by $45 ($180 on holiday). Reservations are transferrable to another date during this camping season. WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS FOR CANCELLED CAMPING RESERVATIONS. WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS OF CAMPING FEES FOR ANY REASON.

2022 Park Admission Rates, Policies and Fees

Add sales tax.

Day Rate (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM) Adult $5.00 Child $4.00
After 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM Adult $4.00 Child $3.00

There is never a charge for a registered camper’s parents or grandparents to visit for the day.
Please inform office if this applies.
Visitors are welcome at Lei-Ti Campground during Office hours only,
and are invited to enjoy all the park’s facilities and events.
All visitors must check-in at the Office before entering the park.
Visitors must be visiting a registered camper.
No visitors will be admitted to the park after 9:00 PM.
Visitors must abide by all park rules & regulations, or risk eviction.
All visitors must leave the park by 11:00 PM.
Overnight visitors are considered campers and will be charged accordingly.